Wine Box Bluetooth

Wine Box Bluetooth

There are some that call me Tim

Project Category:
Portable Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
8-20 Hours

Project Cost:
$100 – $500

Project Description:
3 bottle bamboo wine box. Added walnut interior bracing. Finish is Envirotex pour on epoxy.

Design Goals:
College freshman gift – needed to look cool and sounds good.

Driver Selection:
295-349 Dayton Audio PS95-8 3-1/2″ Point Source Full Range Driver 8 Ohm

Enclosure Design:
11 liters

Enclosure Assembly:
Bamboo plywood. Walnut bracing.
Functioning sliding lid (screwed down)
Fabricated control plate (door push plate from Home Depot)
Champagne cork volume control
Epoxy interior and exterior to add stability -especially on the sliding lid which was a bit thin.

Crossover Design:
n/a – point source speakers

Tips & Tricks:
Do not try using a circle jg to cut bamboo. The fibers grab the blade and make for an uneven cut. Definitely want to use hole saw then come back with a rabbet bit.
Envirotex epoxy – the thicker the coat, the less likely yuo are to get bubbles. Bubbles pop with CO2, not neat, so just blow on them.

Came out just like I wanted it.

About the Designer:
Novice – this is project #3

Project Parts List:

Portable 60 Watt Battery Powered Bluetooth Speaker Package with 3″ Full-Range Drivers
Dayton Audio PS95-8 3-1/2″ Point Source Full Range Driver 8 Ohm

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    Bobby Kinstle

    Can you please explain how you sealed the sliding lid to the bottom of the enclosure? I’m doing something similar for a center channel and it’s vexxing.

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