Mini Subwoofer

Mini Subwoofer


Project Category:

Project Level:

Project Time:
1-8 Hours

Project Cost:
$100 – $500

Project Description:
Paul Carmody Voxel Subwoofer inspired design. I was looking for a passive subwoofer to add to my 2.1 amplifier (Dayton Audio DTA-2.1BT 100W Class D 2.1 Amplifier with Bluetooth and Power Supply) setup. After purchasing a poor quality powered speaker from another online retailer I figured I would try my hand at building my own subwoofer to add to the 2.1 amp plus Dayton Audio MK402 4″ 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker Pair.

Design Goals:
Redesigned retaining the 7 liter enclosure with the port on the same face as the woofer.

Enclosure Design:
3/4″ plywood. 10.5″ H x 7.5″ W x 9.5″ D

Tips & Tricks:
I still want to try adding poly fill to see what affect it will make.

This design delivers great bass. Reproduces bass guitar rather well for listening to music.

I am new to the technical details of speaker building but I am interested in learning more.

About the Designer:
This is my first attempt at building speakers. More of a woodworking challenge as I based the design and hardware on an existing design.

Project Parts List:

Tang Band W5-1138SMF 5-1/4″ Paper Cone Subwoofer Speaker
Speaker Cabinet Port Tube 1-1/2″ ID x 4″ L Flared
Dayton Audio BPA-38G HD Binding Post Pair Gold

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