Dancer ver 1.0

Dancer ver 1.0

nkb dancer ver 1.0

Project Category:
Tower Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
20+ Hours

Project Cost:
Over $1,000

Project Description:
This speaker made with hi end technology.

Design Goals:
Make the real sound for customers enjoy for their life

Driver Selection:
Usher woofer and tweeter

Finally. I want to build a speaker by my hand and looking like high quality speaker in body and sound

About the Designer:
My name Binh Ho. I am from Vietnam and just moved to US 3.5 years. I love made and design speaker. This is my passion and i will develop my ability is high and high.

Project Parts List:

Usher 8948A 7″ Carbon Fiber/Paper Woofer
Usher 9950-20 1-1/8″ Textile Dome Tweeter


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    I have been looking for a design like this for some time, because I have an Usher speaker with the 9950 tweeter and one 8948A driver and I would like to try something bigger. Is there any chance that you could post some more details about your build? For example, the dimensions of the box and the bass reflex port and the cross-over? I agree with you that the Usher drivers truly are first class. Wonderful project. I envy it.

    • 2
      binh ho

      it have a big chance for this version. bass is very powerful because, i found the reason that make the subwoofer x2. some people think, it can not but, everything can do if you research it. and i can do it …

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