JBL Venue 12 Retro Fit Dayton 250

JBL Venue 12 Retro Fit Dayton 250

Designer: Frank in Roanoke VA

Project Time: 1-8 hours
Project Complexity: Beginner
Project Cost: $100-$500

Project Description
JBL Vener 12 plate has a history of failure. The cabinet is great looking and the 12 inch speaker can hold it’s own. Not wanting to throw the baby out with the wash, I retro fitted a Dayton SPA 250 plate into the existing cabinet.

Design Goals
Toss out the defective plate, cut the cabinet to accept the Dayton Audio SPA250

Driver Selection

Enclosure Design
Stock JBL Venue 12

Enclosure Assembly
Stock JBL Venue 12 had to be cut to accept the Dayton250 and a small wooden baffle finished in guitar amplifier cabinet tolex to fill the space.

Crossover Design
Dayton Audio SPA250 installed with the BASS BOOST “Off”. If you use the bass boost “ON” you may have to cut back on the bass delivered by your preamp. (Note: there is a micro switch on the top of the Dayton Audio SPA250 just under a small rubber cap).

Great sounding cabinet/speaker with plenty of reserve power from the Dayton SPA250. Nice looking too ! This subwoofer is used as my Garage sound system that includes old school McIntosh MC2205, C32 and ADS L810 speakers.

Tips & Tricks
There is plenty of forgiveness when cutting the Dayton SPA250 hole as you use the template it comes with. There were other consideration for the placement of the plate but this design was the fastest.

Parts Used
Dayton Audio SPA250 subwoofer plate, small piece of wood, black silicone sealant and guitar amplifier speaker tolex.

About the Designer
US Army Officer in the Medical Corp.

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