GKT Design Co.

Project Category:
Portable Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
1-8 Hours

Project Cost:
$100 – $500

Project Description:
24″ Bluetooth with rechargeable battery.

Design Goals:
This is my 3rd project and with each one I continue to apply lessons learned from the previous version(s). I also wanted a more finished look with this one and added the grill. The grill ultimately gives me more options for color combinations. With each revision I’m trying to get where I can duplicate and make them efficiently. Ultimately offer these for sale at a “reasonable” price and good quality and style.

Driver Selection:
(2) HiVi B3N 3″ Aluminum Driver Round Frame.

(2) 1TD2-8 1″ Designer Dome Tweeter 8 Ohm.

Enclosure Design:
24″L x 5.5″W x 6.5″H Oak.

Enclosure Assembly:
Basic butt joints and a lot of finesse

Crossover Design:
Only a high pass.

Tips & Tricks:
1: I say it each and every time. Be careful with your space for the electronics. I have run out of room on EACH of these and had to fine a work around.

2: Use a fortsner bit or other to hollow out the wood in front of the bluetooth board. Or, create some openings. Does wonders for range.

Turned out well and I think the next version will quality enough to offer it up for sale and hopefully someone out there wants to buy it LOL.

About the Designer:
Commercial lighting contractor by day, wanna-be designer, home renovator, and wood worker on the weekends. Located in Dallas, TX.

Project Parts List:

HiVi B3N 3″ Aluminum Driver Round Frame
GRS 1TD2-8 1″ Designer Dome Tweeter 8 Ohm
Dayton Audio KAB-250 2x50W Class D Audio Amplifier Board with Bluetooth 4.0
Dayton Audio KAB-BE 18650 Battery Extension Board for Bluetooth Amplifier Boards


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  1. 1
    Jake J

    This thing looks great, iv been looking for something similar to this. Can you tell me how you did your speaker wiring?
    What type of xover did you use. Whats the cubic foot of each chamber and what port.
    I really like your speaker choice.

    • 2
      Grant Treanor

      I got a crossover off Amazon and it’s crossed at 4000. Nothing special ($12 for a pair). I would spend the extra $6 each and get the dayton designer 4″. Totally worth it. I don’t recall the dimensions but, it’s close to 4x4x7 which is way to small for this speaker. That would however be very close to perfect with the 4″ Dayton with some minor adjustments. I have that speaker in my other boombox and it’s amazing.

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