2.1 HiFi Bar

2.1 HiFi Bar

Designer: desk Top creations

Project Category

Project Level

Project Time
8-20 Hours

Project Cost
$100 – $500

Project Description
1950’s Magnavox HiFi project

Design Goals
Incorporate quality sound in a 2.1 system modified into the console

Driver Selection
5″ Celestion Neos full range
GRS Fabric domes
12″ Dayton Audio classic sub
Dayton Audio 70Watt plate amp

Enclosure Design
Infinite baffle

Enclosure Assembly

Crossover Design
Panasonic 2way buyouts

Parts Used
5 ” Celestions
GRS Domes
Panasonic 2way crossovers
12″ Dayton Audio Classic
Dayton Audio 70Watt plate amp

Very happy with the final results

Tips & Tricks
Try your best to keep consoles with their original bracing and construction

About the Designer
I am a veteran who loves working with audio and wood working.

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