Designer: European Bob

Project Time: 8-20 hours
Project Complexity: Novice
Project Cost: $100-$500

This is a throwback to good times. An arcade powered by a Linux computer. This unit has a touchscreen monitor and some Peerless drivers to make it all sound great. Just touch the game you want to play on the screen and the Linux computer will fire up the correct game system emulator, map the proper game buttons to the dual joystick and set the correct cycle rate and screen resolution. Plus this unit double as a Jukebox. It has a pair of peerless 5.25″ and peerless 1″ drivers on the top and a single 12 dual voice coil crossfire subwoofer firing down. This unit is powered with a lepai 20×2 amp. The 5.25″ and 1″ go through a set of old Kenwood Excelon component crossover and each coil of the subwoofer has a 6.8mH choke in parallel with each crossover. I had full pictures of the build on my old phone, but broke it became and all lost.

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