Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker

Peter Barilla

Project Category:
Home Theater

Project Level:

Project Time:
8-20 Hours

Project Cost:
Under $100

Project Description:
Bluetooth speaker for my daughter

Design Goals:
Home bluetooth project for my daughter, use wenge wood and spruce wood

Driver Selection:
Model: DS115-8|Part # 295-424
Model: ND20FA-6|Part # 275-030

Sound is good

About the Designer:
I try make first speaker

Project Parts List:

Dayton Audio DS115-8 4″ Designer Series Woofer Speaker
Dayton Audio ND20FA-6 3/4″ Soft Dome Neodymium Tweeter


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      peter b

      of course. i use 3/4 wenge wood ( from parquet 🙂 ) and front and back it is 1in spruce wood (from steps 🙂 ). amplifier with 4.0 bluetooth . Cabimet size w 16in , D 8 in, H 5 3/4. on the back side i have basreflex 1 1/4 ( regular pvc pipe from /home depot) long 4 7/8 (68HZ). I used the crossover from the old wall speakers but I will change for another 12db/oct.

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    Good day!
    Curious about the bluetooth amp you used. It has buttons there to adjust volume etc., but it looks like they’re not in use with this design. How does it work exactly?

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      peter b

      looking at the fact that i used a cheap chiniese amp i anticipated a change for a better quality thats why i didnt adjust the volume and other functions to the design. Momentaraly the volume is adjusted by using the volume on a phone.

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    Beautiful cabinet and very good driver selection!!! Off the shelf crossover and the Bluetooth amp is of course very limiting this otherwise promising work. Design your own crossover and design your own bluetooth amp. These Chinese amps really suck on all levels. Even the Parts Express bluetooth amp boards are lesser quality that one would want to use… Parts Express actually sells a good but aging bluetooth module by Sure and their amps are good as well although you need to have fairly good know how to make the best out of them. Cheers!

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      peter b

      thank you for you review of my product. It is true that I used a chiniese amp considerin it was my first project. Ididnt want to invest a lot of money into an expensive amp. I used a used crossover to try it out. I plan on replacing the crossover that I made myself and I plan on replacing the amp for a better quality one but i still haven’t decided which type. Thank you. Cheers!!

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