Entertainment Unit

Designer: Pomzz

Project Time: 8-20 hours
Project Complexity: Hobbyist
Project Cost: Under $100

I wanted a clean, modern looking low profile stand for my 42″ plasma. This also incorporates space for the Axiom front & centre channel speakers, Sony PS3, JVC surround receiver and Bell 6131 HD satellite receiver. Three deep drawers along the bottom hold videos, games, cables & lots of other miscellaneous junk. The main parts are 3/4″ black melamine with a wood-grain formica on the drawer fronts & half-round wood trim on the top shelf. Biscuit joints & gorilla glue hold it all together. The legs and outer supports are copper tubing. Designed using TurboCad 14.

About The Designer
A plumber/steamfitter by trade, I’ve designed and built a variety of projects from cabinets to decks to boat trailers. Using material such as wood, plastic, steel, aluminum or basically anything I can scrounge for free.

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