HiVi special

HiVi special


Project Category:
Home Theater

Project Level:

Project Time:
20+ Hours

Project Cost:
$100 – $500

Project Description:
5.1.4 Home theater surround system

Design Goals:
To be able to gain independence from processed music tunes/movie sounds coming from tiny little speaker drivers, build diy home theater system that competes with mid level systems on a budget

Driver Selection:
9 pcs HiVi Mini AMT ; 275-095
4 pcs HiVi 4” Al/Mg drivers; 297-434
6 pcs HiVi 5” Al/Mg drivers; 297430
2 pcs HiVi 6” Al/Mg drivers; 297-441
2 pcs HiVi 8” Al/Mg drivers; 297-446

Enclosure Design:
Tower speaker size 10w x 15d x 36h
Center speaker 5-1/2h x 24w x 13d
Surround rear 7w x 11d x 10h
Height speakers 7w x 10h x 8-1/2d@top, 5-1/2d@bottom

Enclosure Assembly:
All are made out of 3/4 MDF, tower speakers are doubled (1-1/2 thick) @ the front face of the cabinet gray marine navy battleship epoxy finished

Tips & Tricks:
It’s all cool to make mistakes bondo can do a great fix lol

DIY project of a first time builder, learning as we go through parts express video clips and tech support, useful tips from other enthusiasts

About the Designer:
a 52 year old music/movie enthusiast that sings plays guitar as a hobby and when called for at church, some knowledge in building and construction, can do attitude and willing to share/trade tips to fellow enthusiast

Project Parts List:

Dayton Audio AMT Mini-8 Air Motion Transformer Tweeter 8 Ohm
HiVi M4N 4″ Aluminum / Magnesium Midbass
HiVi D10G 10″ Kevlar/Paper Woofer
HiVi M6N 6″ Aluminum/Magnesium Midbass
HiVi M8N 8″ Aluminum / Magnesium Woofer
Penn-Elcom 9145 Rubber Cabinet Foot 1.5″ Dia. x 1.5″ H
Parts Express Square Speaker Wire Spring Terminal Cup
Square Speaker Terminal Cup 4″ Gold Banana Binding Post
Parts Express Banana Plug Pair Compression Type
Audtek Electronics SKRL-14-100 14 AWG OFC Speaker Wire 100 ft.
Speaker Cabinet Port Tube 3-3/4″ ID x 7-5/8″ L Flared

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