Mark Bandoszeski

Project Category:
Home Electronics

Project Level:

Project Time:

20+ Hours

Project Cost:

Over $1,000


Project Description:

Project Threshold is a 2.1 channel system packing a total of 8,000 watts. The left and right channels are rated at 2,500 watts each and the subwoofer channel is rated at 3,000 watts. Drivers used were as follows tweeter ribbon horn x 2, midrange 6-1/2″ x 2, woofer 12″ x 2, passive radiator 12″ x 2, subwoofer 15″ and passive radiator 15″. Music can be listened to through Bluetooth, USB flash, SD card, vinyl record, CD and FM radio. The sound can be easily adjusted to the type of music being played or to meet the acoustics of the listening environment using the 10 band equalizer, 4 L-Pads (tweeter and midrange volume), DSP controller (subwoofer) and the spectrum analyzer. The system works effortless to reproduce music with clarity, exceptional bass and staging The enclosure size is 39″ H x 55″ W x 18″ & 22″ D weight 370 lbs.

Design Goals:
Design a 2.1 channel speaker system that can reproduce music at near audiophile levels even at high volume levels.

Driver Selection:

-Tweeter Fountek ribbon horn 
-Midrange HiVi F6 6-1/2″ 
-Woofer 12″ LaVoce WAF123.01
-Passive radiator 12″ Dayton Audio DSA315-PR 
-Subwoofer 15″ Dayton reference RSS390HE-22 
-Passive radiator 15″ Dayton Reference RSS390-PR 

Enclosure Design:

The enclosure was deigned using Solidworks 3D cad modeling software. Built using Medium Density Fiber Board 3/4″ and 1-1/2″ (front and rear baffles) thicknesses were used. Within the the enclosure are five separate speaker boxes. Each box was sized according to the manufacturers recommended internal volume size. The woofer and subwoofer boxes have internal bracing.

Crossover Design:

Three way high power handling with speaker protection.

Tips & Tricks:



Although the project was extremely difficult the end result was worth the countless hours and cost of over $5,200 to build.

About the Designer:
I am a Mechanical Engineer and small business owner and spend my free time working on projects like this.

Project Parts List:

Part #DescriptionQty.
N/ATweeter Fountek ribbon horn 2
297-440Midrange HiVi F6 6-1/2″ 2
293-719Woofer 12″ LaVoce WAF123.012
295-554Passive radiator 12″ Dayton Audio DSA3152
295-292Subwoofer 15″ Dayton reference RSS390HE-221
295-504Passive radiator 15″ Dayton Reference RSS390-PR1
N/AAmplifier Wondom 2 x 2,500 watts AA-AD324911
N/AAmplifier Wondom 1 x 3,000 watts AA-AB313411
N/AToroidal transformer 2000VA PS-RT111124
N/AFast recovery rectifier capacitor bank 30A4
N/ATransformer 12-0-123
N/AMeanwell 12V power supply i1
N/A2.1 channel pre amp board with 7 band EQ1
N/A3-way high power handling crossover1
N/ADemeras speaker protection relay 7812+UPC12371
N/AHCDC 2 x 12 position terminal block distribution module1
230-520Dayton DSP controller1
N/AL-Pad Fostex R80B4
N/ASource selector switch 4 pair RCA input 1 output1
320-347Bluetooth board, FM radio, MP3, USB1
N/AFDSF vinyl record phono pre amp board MM F10-0061
N/AVU meter driver board TS-VU00282
N/AVU meter with back light P-1343
N/ASpectrum Analyzer 31 segment BDS PP-321
N/ARCA Cables Goalfish1
N/A-Custom front panels by Front Panel Express1


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