Surround Trapezoids

Designer: spgallup

Project Time: 1-8 hours
Project Complexity: Amateur
Project Cost: $100-$500

Driver Selection

Enclosure Design
.11 Ft3 trapezoid with 1inch port. I wanted it light so only used .25 mdf except for the front baffle which was doubled. To counteract the relatively weak enclosure some internal bracing was strategically placed, then stuffed with acoustic fill.

Amplifier/Crossover Configuration
no crossover to keep the cost down, my amp has a 200hz filter for the rear, so no need to worry about driving too hard or clipping.

Enclosure Assembly
.25 inch mdf, .5 inch front baffle. Bracing at corners and side to side.

I was very impressed with the sound, I hooked them up as a stereo pair and they sound fantastic. I was hearing things in vocals and acoustic instruments I had not heard before, much more open than my Cerwin Vega VS 150’s. Obviously not a whole lot of low end, but it was clean a tight non the less. Very happy with the sound, may use the same drivers in a 3-way configuration for the front LR speakers and take the giant CV’s out of my tiny living room:)

About The Designer
Music lover in search of sonic clarity.

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