4×6 Guitar Cabinet

4×6 Guitar Cabinet

Designer:Mike Grobusky

Project Category
Guitar and Bass Speakers

Project Level

Project Time
1-8 Hours

Project Cost
$100 – $500

Project Description
Guitar cabinet. 4 x 6.5 with Eminence

Design Goals
Small, portable, killer tone

Driver Selection
Eminence 6-1/2″ Guitar Speaker 20W 4 Ohm

Enclosure Design
Sealed cabinet

Enclosure Assembly
3/4 baffle, 1/2 sides birch plywood, back is 5/8 particle board
inverted slant front baffle

Note. Speakers wired in series. Total cabinet is 16 ohms. Best suited for tube amplifiers up to 50 watts.

About the Designer
Played guitar for 40 years. Retired sound system engineer.

Project Parts List

Eminence 6-1/2″ Guitar Speaker 20W 4 Ohm


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  1. 1
    Mike Grobusky

    From the builder. The cabinet is 12 in deep, 17 1/2 in by 21 in. The front baffle is inset 1 inch is slanted inward 10 degrees. Used some fiberglass insulation, not stuffed. Has 1/4 in jack and banana type inputs. Weight is 28 pounds.

  2. 2
    Keith Richards

    Mike, I was/am planning a similar project to use with a home brew stack. IE 2 x 4 x 6.5 bottoms. How does your cab compare sonically to any other cab you may have used?

  3. 3
    Mike Grobusky

    THE Keith Richards? Nice band!. I like the closed back designs much better than open back. Not as loud, but much tighter, especially bass notes and full chords are clearer. I play at church, so don’t need 110db. I have used a Blackstar 5h, a Hughes & Kettner 18w, and just trying out a Peavy ValveKing 6505 (20W). Another nice feature is you can orient it tall or on side, and stack 2 easy enough. Compared to a dual 12 in cab ported with JBL K120’s which is quite a bit louder system.

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