Dayton Audio Build

Dayton Audio Build



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Project Time:

8-20 Hours

Project Cost:


Project Description:

The 15” woofers, mids, highs, crossovers are all dayton audio. Everything but the 3/4” MDF was from parts express. I have the hooked to my Yamaha receiver and a parasound (275 wpc amp). I rolled on Exohyde for the paint. I have a grill kit from parts express also that ii have not finished yet. The ports are tuned to 32 Hz and they sound amazing!

Design Goals:

Wanted a big speaker with big woofers, i like my music loud and clear. Ive tried many tower speakers and never was happy with the output.

Driver Selection:

2 15” Dayton woofers
2 2” Dayton midrange
2 1 1/8” Dayton Tweeters

Enclosure Design:

3/4 MDF, 4.5 cubic feet. Port tuned at 32 Hz. Finished in Exohyde

Crossover Design:

Dayton Audio 3 way crossovers

Tips & Tricks:

Take Your Time


Very impressed with the performance these give at their price point. Thank you Parts Express!

About the Designer:

Always loved music and audio since i was a kid, and like to tinker with different audio equipment.

Project Parts List:

295-325Dayton Audio DC380-8 15″ Classic Woofer2
285-022Dayton Audio RS52FN-8 2″ Reference Fabric Dome Midrange2
275-075Dayton Audio DC28FS-8 1-1/8″ Silk Dome Shielded Tweeter2

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