MTM PA Speaker

MTM PA Speaker

SRL Loudspeaker

Project Category:

Project Level:

Project Time:
8-20 Hours

Project Cost:
$100 – $500

Project Description:
This project entailed building two (2) small format MTM PA speakers utilizing the best materials, components, and construction techniques.

Design Goals:
Build an enclosure that had very high SPL, power handling, and excellent fidelity.

Driver Selection:
Eminence Delta-10A 10″ Midrange Driver 8 Ohm
Eminence PSD:2013-8 1″ Titanium Compression Horn Driver 8 Ohm 2-Bolt

Enclosure Design:
3/4″ Baltic Birch plywood with zero fasteners. Entire enclosure is held together with beach-wood biscuits and glue. This method while taking longer actually ensures a stronger bond and zero chance of vibration and resonant frequencies from fasteners coming loose.

The only fasteners that were used were 10-32 T-Nuts and grade 8 SHCS’s to hold the drivers in place. 1/4″-20 grade 8BHCS’s and clamps were used to hold the grills. Pan head wood screws and finish washers hold the aluminum wave guide in place.

Crossover Design:
Crossover was electronic by choice of Ashly Protea 3.6SP

While this project was very time consuming, it yielded a product far superior than any big name PA speaker that could be purchased. We utilized the finest materials, construction methods, and Eminence Drivers for a high quality product. This design is very unique in the sense that there are next to no PA speakers in the MTM format using a wave guide like this. We steered in a different direction than the typical line array MTM design. This gave a much more versatile use for its application

About the Designer:
SRL Loudspeakers (founded 2017)

We were founded on guitar iso-cabinets and quickly moved into designing and building sound reinforcement cabinets for DJ’s and mobile musicians. While lead times aren’t our selling point, our quality and tonal characteristics speak for themselves.

Project Parts List:

Eminence Delta-10A 10″ Midrange Driver 8 Ohm
Eminence PSD:2013-8 1″ Titanium Compression Horn Driver 8 Ohm 2-Bolt
FaitalPRO LTH102 1″ 60 x 50 Elliptical Tractrix Horn 2/3-Bolt
Penn-Elcom D01K Dish Two 1/4″ & Neutrik D Black 4″ x 4-3/8″
Heavy Duty 10″ Speaker Grill


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      Chris Lambert

      PURE DIY — I produced these myself and by no means paid anyone to post this. I am two person gig and sole keep the projects hand built and custom. We were proud of this project and wanted to share it with the PE community. There is no intention of marketing here. Sorry for the confusion.

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    Looks like that could be a great project for a band that wants to have stellar sound. When will the plans, parts list, and more photos be added? Also, it appears there is also a sub that mates with the MTM- when will that be added?

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      Chris Lambert

      Thank you for the compliments. These speakers do sound very good. I’m not sure how to upload the plans as they were all completed in autoCAD. If you would like more information regarding this project so you can replicate it, I can give you my email.

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    Roy Novio

    Can you send me plans a rough sketch, I am a Mobile DJ and have a few set of speakers. I would like to build these and seem small and very portable. Also I need settings for the 3.6 Protea. Thanks

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