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Jeff S.

Project Category:

Project Level:

Project Time:

20+ Hours

Project Cost:


Project Description:

Open Back

Design Goals:

Trying out old skool design with new technology parts

Driver Selection:

GW-212/4 Woofer
5SBM1-8. Midrange
T-34-02-306 Tweeter

Enclosure Design:

Open Back

Crossover Design:

3-Way 8 Ohm 800/4,500 Hz 200W, added 33uf across woofer out for 4 ohm 12dB

Tips & Tricks:

Lots of time.


Works very good

About the Designer:

50 years building, repairing speakers.
At age 70 now

Project Parts List:

260-230Speaker Crossover 3-Way 8 Ohm 800/4,500 Hz 200W1
290-330Goldwood GW-212/4 12″ OEM Woofer 4 Ohm2
292-431GRS 5SBM1-8 5-1/4″ Sealed Back Midrange with 1″ Voice Coil 8 Ohm2
N/AT-34-02-306 Tweeter2

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    Jeff Sterling

    This does work very well and things you might want to try is swapping the midrange for another to change the results. Usually the tonal quality of a midrange is changed by trying different drivers. It’s the personal touch and application.
    Jeff S

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