PA Line Array

PA Line Array

Designer: Steve Fritsch

Project Time: 20+ Hours
Project Complexity: Advanced
Project Cost: $100-$500

Project Description
PA array. Made from 1/8 inch ABS sheet. Breaks down for travel. Weight about 35 lbs. triangle shape plays 360 degrees. No monitors needed.
Base 19″ square
Behringer NU6000 Digital power amp in the base. Extreme power low weight. About 16 lbs total for the base

Fits in the trunk of my car with all of my keyboards.

102db at 15 ft. – 2 columns
4 – 4 inch pyle PL42BL
4 – 6.5 inch Pyle PDMR6
X-over 24 db @. 160hz

External subwoofer

Design Goals
Portable light weight PA line array.

Driver Selection
Pyle PMDW6
Pyle PL42BL

Enclosure Design
7.5 inch equilateral triangle
45″ tall


With pedastal base71 inches tall.

Enclosure Assembly
ABS plastic: Sealed. Solvent welded.

Crossover Design
Active in power amp

Great PA . Wide dispersion and excellent presence. You can smell the onions on the singers breath.
Thinking about upgrading the Pyle PDMW6 to PRV 6MR500-NDY for higher sound pressure levels for large gigs.

Tips & Tricks
You need some serious shop equipment to make these if you want them to look professional. I happen to have access to such. Fabrication experience is a must.

About the Designer
Professional keyboard player. Retired computer programmer.


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    Roy Novio

    I like this I will probably use the PRV, is there any measurements? I Plan to use this for DJ gig type work but willing to use multiple amps and a berry 2496 dsp since I already have. Any plans available thank you!

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