1957 Grundig Bluetooth Boombox

1957 Grundig Bluetooth Boombox


Project Category:
Portable Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
20+ Hours

Project Cost:
$500 – $1,000

Project Description:
A vintage 1950s West German Grundig Radio updated with the parts from the Blast Box Kit and made to fit within the original case and speaker locations

Design Goals:
I wanted to keep the original aesthetics of the radio but i also wanted to be able to update the internals in order to make it sound and play like a modern speaker system

Overall, it sounds great and I’m happy with the way it came out. However, I think if I were to do it again i would sacrifice the functionality of the original buttons and switches in order to make sure the little pieces and cables had no room to rattle around.

About the Designer:
Recent graduate of UCSD and have been tinkering with and building things for most of my life. I hope to be able to build more of these using Parts Express’ kits!

Project Parts List:

Blast Box 200 Watt Portable Bluetooth Speaker Kit

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    Too bad. Had you only recapped the radio’s power supply filters and a few coupling caps, cleaned the switches, pots and jacks and modified the PU input to accept either RCA or 3.5mm inputs, you could have kept the radio intact and used the original tube circuitry to listen to your music, as it was designed. These old Grundigs sound fantastic and with their original speakers would have easily beaten the performance of a crappy Class D amp and a small modern woofer attached to a particle board back that probably resonates like crazy.

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