Designer: Casey S

Project Category
Tower Speakers

Project Level

Project Time
20+ Hours

Project Cost
Over $1,000

Project Description
Tower speakers

Design Goals
I work with metal all day long and I wanted mix that in with this project.

Driver Selection
HiVi M6N 6″ X2 HiVi M4N 4″ Tymphany H25TG05-08 1″ Titanium Dome Tweeter with Waveguide

Enclosure Design
Enclosures are 48″ X10″ X 14″ and lots of internal braces. Front T6061 aluminium front baffle. I wanted to keep the design somewhat simple and didn’t want to get crazy kerfing everything like a few I have done before. front grills I made out of preferated .040 aluminium as well and painted black.

Enclosure Assembly
Wood glue, and screws. Allen screws with Tnuts for front baffle

Crossover Design
Dayton Audio XO3W-625/5K 3-Way Speaker Crossover 625/5,000 Hz

I wanted something different. I really enjoy these speakers they sound clean and crisp, not a lot of bass but a good balance for sure. With the aluminium front was easy to make and that’s out of 6061 3/4″, it was just laying around at the shop collecting dust so why not right? For the finish I do custom paint and airbrushing so I put down some super jet black single stage, after a high build primer of course.

Tips & Tricks
Don’t try to rush the project to get it done, take your time and try new things.

About the Designer
Casey S. 28 years old. music= life. Worked at a custom log furniture company after high school for a few years, then moved on to metal fab, and do custom Automotive paint on the side. wanted to take everything I love and enjoy and throw it all together. Great winter project.

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    That paint job is breathtaking. It’s so easy to overlook because a) it’s black and we are used to black speakers and b) the metal work demands the attention upon first seeing these. It is great, to be sure. It would be sad if you mentioned you do this all day with metal and the metalwork on the speaker was awful. But you know it looks great.

    I am no expert. But there are guys on here who are. Experts. And plenty are happy to help you out. I think that if you asked on the forum for somebody to either guide you in designing or just flat out ask for someone to design you crossovers for these drivers, in these cabinets – as they are, you’d get exactly what you were after when you built these. You want to hear more low end. It isn’t the fault of the cabinet or the speakers- it’s the pre-fab crossover. It is too generic for something like this.

    That is- if you care to. A documented crossover build added to this build page would really round it out, as well. I would love to build a floor standing pair of mains with HiVi 8″ woofers in them.

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