Ammo-Can 2 ways

Ammo-Can 2 ways

Designer: desk Top creations

Project Time: 1-8 hours
Project Complexity: Beginner
Project Cost: Under $100

Project Description
Each can used to house night vision and are larger than your run-of-the-mill ammo-cans.

I used the Panasonic terminal crossover that PA had on sale a while back to run the tweets and to complete the basic look. I bypassed the mid crossover and made a direct connection to the woofer.

Design Goals
Provide good sound from rugged ammo-can type enclosures, keeping the cans as original as possible. Either garage use or bookshelf man cave conversational pieces.

Driver Selection
GRS 8″ full range
5/8″ Mylar dome tweeters

Enclosure Design
Foam braced
Poly stuffed

Enclosure Assembly
Prefabricated. Challenging making accurate cuts into the steel with a jig saw.

Crossover Design
Panasonic 2 way terminal buy outs

Sound is surprisingly clean and cans don’t give or rattle when the bass gets punchy. I have an old Kenwood receiver powering the pair and it gets loud enough to fill a three car garage.

Tips & Tricks
Placing a magnet inside the can helped with metal shaving clean up.

About the Designer
I am a veteran that has been tinkering with audio for over 30 years.

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