Ammo Can .50 cal

Ammo Can .50 cal

Get A Life Gaming

Project Category:
Portable Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
8-20 Hours

Project Cost:
$100 – $500

Project Description:
Wanted to make a speaker box out of an ammo can with various different accessories not needed but to make it fun and over the top

Design Goals:
Fit amp, speakers and all cords inside can…. also to not cut fingers off using hole saw!

Driver Selection:
Pyle PL42BL 4-Inch 180-Watt Two-Way Speakers ($13.64 on eBay)

Enclosure Design:
One .30 cal ammo can to test drilling and cutting ($10 at Murdoch’s Ranch Supply Store) One .50 cal ammo can for final project ($15 at Murdoch’s Ranch Supply Store)

Tips & Tricks:
Mount things on the bottom before things towards the top.
Cutting through these cans is not easy without proper tools!

It all fits and it sounds amazing!!!! Voltmeter attached to battery. Temp probe attached to heatsink on amp(it gets hot in there!) Small exhaust fan because why not!? External bluetooth antenna dramatically increased the reception performance. USB ports also glow blue. I was blown away by how good the whole set up sounds, even with very cheap basic speakers!!

About the Designer:
I like creating random electronic devices and unique speaker boxes

Project Parts List:

LED Panel DC12V Digital Voltage Meter
Gdstime Cooling Computer Fan 30x30x10mm 1 inch 12V Brushless
Waterproof 5.5×2.5mm DC Power Supply Female Jack Socket Panel Mount
12V Blue LED Round Rocker Switch Toggle On-Off
Fahrenheit/Centigrade Digital LCD Thermometer Temperature Meter Gauge
Tapered Hard Rubber Bumpers “Feet” 1″ Diameter – With Embedded Washers 1 Inch
Dayton Audio KAB-250v3 2x50W Class D Audio Amplifier Board with Bluetooth 4.0
Dayton Audio KAB-INT Interface Extension Board for Bluetooth Amplifier Boards
Dayton Audio KAB-LED Red/Green/Blue LED Package for Bluetooth Amplifier Boards
Dayton Audio KAB-BE 18650 Battery Extension Board for Bluetooth Amplifier Boards
18650 2600mAh Li-Ion Flat Top Battery 3-Pack
Dayton Audio KAB-FC Function Cables Package for Bluetooth Amplifier Boards
19V 4.8A DC Switching Power Supply AC Adapter with 2.5 x 5.5mm Center Positive (+) Plug
Dayton Audio KAB-AB L-type Aluminum Bracket for Bluetooth Amplifier Boards
12 VDC Automotive Dual Port 2.4A + 2.4A 5 VDC USB Charging Socket with Mounting Bracket
Parts Express Speaker Gasketing Tape 1/8″ x 3/8″ x 50 ft. Roll
External Bluetooth Antenna Kit

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