Andrews Purple Boombox

Designer: Sleezy D

Project Time: 8-20 hours
Project Complexity: Hobbyist
Project Cost: $100-$500

Real simple box made from some pine boards. Speakers were Partsexpress buyouts. Sounds good and is pretty loud. You can turn it sideways and sit on it on the subway. Runs on rechargeable AAs and can play for quite a while (6+ hours at max volume before the sound quality starts to get iffy) between battery swaps. Has a 1/8″ input and volume control. Working now on a louder, lighter, longer-lasting version using a 12v lithium pack, and plan to add a phono input, usb charging port and recessed phone storage.

About The Designer
bike messenger, music producer, DJ from Brooklyn NY. More projects and tunes at

Project Parts List

Dayton Audio DTA-2 Class T Digital Audio Amplifier Module

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