Walnut C-Note

Walnut C-Note


Mark Hayward Odom

Project Category:
Bookshelf Speakers

Project Level


Project Time:

8-20 Hours

Project Cost:



Project Description:

I made a pair C-Notes using the MDF knock down cabinets. When I finish building, but before veneering the boxes, I did a lot of listening to them. After about two weeks of critical listening and measuring with the Dayton microphone, I felt like they were a great little speaker, but not quite lively enough in the treble. I called tech support and talked to Andrew. The answer we decided on was to change the value of the resistor on the tweeter to a lower value. It did exactly what I wanted in my fairly dead room. It brightened the response just enough.

Design Goals:
Small, fun and good sounding speakers

Driver Selection:

C-Note kit

Enclosure Design

MDF with thick walnut veneer (1/16”) with mahogany trim strips.

Crossover Design:

C-Note crossover with two modifications. A .22mf cap to reduce the very slight high breakup in the aluminum woofer(probably not needed).
Replacing the tweeter resistor with a smaller value to brighten the tweeter’s response in my room.

Tips & Tricks:

I used the wood glue iron on method to attach the walnut veneer. Easier to align the pieces of veneer.


Great kit and excellent service.

About the Designer:
I’m not the designer, but I had had many, many years of experience working in all areas of the audio video business. I have built speakers in the distant past, but the kit from PE is very satisfying.

Project Parts List:

300-7140C-Note MT Bookshelf Speaker Kit Pair with Knock-Down Cabinets1

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