Budget Bass Cannons

Budget Bass Cannons

Designer: Audio Artist

Project Time: 1-8 Hours
Project Complexity: Beginner
Project Cost: Under $100

Project Description
Using two heavy duty PA speaker cabinets and equipping them with all GRS drivers, create your own OEM project speakers with great sound without moths flying from your wallet.

Design Goals
My goal is to show what the possibilities of utilizing OEM replacement drivers and figuring out which ones should you use. so i bit the bullet and ordered two of GRS’s 12″ ribbed cone woofers, two GRS 5″ mids and two Goldwood 1 3/8″ -18 TPI thread piezo compression drivers with waveguides to create a large classic 80s-90s style speaker system with enough audio output to blow the house down for around $100 custom cabinets and/or a complete speaker overhaul.

Driver Selection
My project consists of:
2x: GRS 12PF-8 292-412 12″ woofers
2x: GRS 5SBM 292-432 5″ mids
2x: Goldwood GT-1188 270-082 1 3/8″-18 TPI compressors
2x: Goldwood GT-400PB 270-095 waveguides

Enclosure Design
Already built 3-way 12″ dual ported, insulation, 1″ particle board shell for weight and overall strength to use for heavier grade drivers. soon to be wrapped in black leather to give off classic studio speaker looks. will update black cloth face to leather as well along with silver outer trim and a black steel mesh removable grills.

Crossover Design
Custom 3-way design soon to be updated with a 600 Hz – 10kHz band pass filter for the mid-range with an 8 ohm L-pad on the tweeter.

There will be plenty more projects to come folks!

About the Designer
I spent the last 10 years building speaker systems for car, home and pro audio as a hobby. I’ve worked with top brand names in my projects such as Peavey, Yorkville, Eminence, JBL, Cerwin Vega, Pioneer, Sony etc. Also i always look for great deals on OEM replacements for speaker overhauls and custom projects.

Project Parts List

GRS 12PF-8 12″ Paper Cone Foam Surround Woofer

GRS 5SBM-8 5″ Sealed Back Midrange

Goldwood GT-1188 Piezo Horn Driver 1-3/8″-18 TPI

Goldwood GT-400PB 1″ Horn 1-3/8″-18 TPI


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  1. 1
    Brian sawdo

    I already have the GRS 12″ to use in another project but I love the old school look so maybe I will build something like this. I have Pyle 5.25″ mids I can use too, also have piezo tweeters to play with. Inspired? You bet!

  2. 2

    Absolutely, that’s why I did these up, all new drivers but maintaining that old school look, these aren’t finished yet but you will be surprised on what these GRS 12″ woofers are capable of 🙂

  3. 3

    It is not at full power in this video and our other 2 18’s are not hooked up. This is the Bass Cannon at about 30$. We were not allowed to turn it on during freshman orientation because of all the bass h8terz.

  4. 5
    Roy Novio

    Do you have plans for the cabinet to be built in Baltic Birch which I do have plenty in the garage. I plan to use this as DJ monitors, and how much for the crossover components and do you have parts list for this and plans so i can solder one up each cab? Thanks!

  5. 6
    Brian sawdo

    Could you post the cabinet dimensions and port size please. maybe the x over you plan on running too. I may just run the woofer full range and cap the mid and tweeter.

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