Classic Sub

Classic Sub


Dan T McGillicuddy

Project Category:


Project Level:


Project Time:

8-20 Hours

Project Cost:


Project Description:

A classic subwoofer

Design Goals:

Output down to 20Hz with good efficiency

Driver Selection:

Dayton Audio DCS450-4 18″ Classic Subwoofer 4 Ohm
Dayton Audio RSS460-PR 18″ Aluminum Cone Passive Radiator

Enclosure Design:

8 cubic foot tower using 2 stacked Denovo Audio 4.0 cu. ft. MDF 18″ Subwoofer Starter Kits

Crossover Design:

A 4 stage Sallen-Key high pass filter using the project 99 board from esp site:

stage F Q C R2/5 R3/6
first 18.113 0.54920 0.1µF 82 kΩ 100 kΩ
second 17.306 0.87236 0.1µF 51 kΩ 160 kΩ
third 16.967 1.4155 0.1µF 33 kΩ 270 kΩ
fourth 16.779 4.1964 0.22µF 5.1 kΩ 360 kΩ

Tips & Tricks:



Flat response from 20 – 200 Hz

About the Designer:

Dan McGillicuddy is a former acoustician, speaker designer and computer programmer who has retired to his Florida poultry farm.

Project Parts List:

Part #DescriptionQty.
295-475Dayton Audio DCS450-4 18″ Classic Subwoofer1
295-506Dayton Audio RSS460-PR 18″ Aluminum Cone PR1
300-7016Denovo Audio 4.0 cu. ft. MDF 18“ Subwoofer Starter Kits2
260-105Acry-Tech Acoust-X Absorption and Damping Coating1
260-2102ExoHyde Protective Cabinet Coating1
300-803Dayton Audio SPA250 Plate Amplifier1

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