Concept 03

Concept 03

Jackson Audio

Project Category:

Project Level:

Project Time:
20+ Hours

Project Cost:
$500 – $1,000

Project Description:
I built a multipurpose subwoofer cabinet to both use at parties and at home.

Design Goals:
I wanted to both follow the recommended cabinet design, and create a unobtrusive but powerful subwoofer to compliment any sound system.

Driver Selection:
The only driver is a Dayton Ultimax 15″ subwoofer driver (295-514)

Enclosure Design:
The enclosure was designed to comply with the recommended cabinet specifications, which are as follows:

6.0 cubic ft. net internal with two 4″ diameter by 26″ long flared ports.

I designed the cabinet to have internal dimensions of 18″ x 24″ by 28″, for a total internal volume of 7 cubic ft., with drivers, ports, and braces, it would hopefully be closer to 6 cubic feet.

The cabinet was made with 3/4 in. MDF and has 2 ports, 26″ long that have flares on both ends and bend in the middle to accommodate the cabinet’s 24″ depth.

Enclosure Assembly:
I built the cabinet out of 3/4″ MDF, held together using wood glue and predrilled screws. The ports are held in with more pieces of MDF, which are also glued in. The cabinet is finished with 2 coats of Duratex for a durable, rough finish.

Next time, I hope to use a router table to avoid redoing lots of my cuts to make everything fit together. I am very impressed with the power of both the Ultimax and the Behringer amplifier.

About the Designer:
I started designing and building speakers around 2 years ago. I have learned a lot from Parts Express that has improved my builds, but I hope to continue building speakers.

Project Parts List

Dayton Audio UM15-22 15″ Ultimax DVC Subwoofer 2 ohms Per Coil
Penn-Elcom C1823N Metal Cabinet Corner Nickel 3 Leg
Parts Express Cast Frame 1/4″-20 Speaker Mounting Kit
Dayton Audio DRFS1 1-3/8″ x 1″ Heavy Duty Rubber Feet 4 Pcs.
Neutrik NL4MPR Speakon Connector 4 Pole Round Chassis Mount
JSC Wire 16 AWG Red/Black Zip Power Speaker Wire 1 ft. USA
Precision Port PSP-4OFH 4″ Outside Flare for Port Tube
Penn-Elcom H1053Z Surface Mount Handle Zinc
Acry-Tech DuraTex Black 1 Pint Roller Grade Cabinet Texture Coating Kit with Textured 3″ Roller

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