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Project Category:
Bookshelf Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:

8-20 Hours

Project Cost:



Project Description:

Parts Express budget goodness
6.5 honeycombs
3″ HiFi
MB Quart old stock buy-out tweeters
passive 6 db coil 350Hz down 6.5
6db 350Hzto3500Khz HiFi 3″
12db 3500khz & up MB Quart buy-out
Fiberglass Molded Baffle
Painted Finish
MDF Enclosure sealed for 6.5 Dynavox’s Honeycomb Cone

Design Goals:
Budget Drivers/ Buy-Out Savings
Search Speaker Specs for budget friendly Best Buys.
Curvy & Groovy 3 Ways

Driver Selection:

All Drivers Parts Express Budget Buys
Dynavox 6.5 Honeycomb Woofers
HiFi 3″ Copper Aluminum Midrange
MBQuart Old Stock Buy-Out Tweeters

Enclosure Design:

Fiberglass molded 3way baffle with slight slants for audio imaging and mixing before reaching the listeners ear. MDF Construction

Crossover Design:

350z down on 6.5 woofers
Equal Decade
350Hz – 3500Khz
Midrange 3″
Tweeters 3500Khz and Up.

Tips & Tricks:



Audio Reproduction Budget Sweetness! Powered 12″Sub and these Book-Shelves Budget 3-way bring all audio frequencies forward with realism with vocal clarity at all listening levels. twist up on volume knob and all musical notes stay in line with no hiccups what so ever…They Love Juice!

About the Designer:
Been down the Rabbit Hole since 90’s! With a strong lean toward custom car audio reproduction all areas fabrication. sub enclosure design/built per subwoofer specs. Passive networks all db and ohm load values, narrowband-with filters, Fiberglass Panels for driver placement and mounting, 4th or 6th order bandpass, cone to cone vented isobaric magnet to cone vented isobaric exotic sub enclosures. Design, Fabrication and installation…done gone deep!

Project Parts List:

Part #DescriptionQty.
295-626Dynavox 6.5 Honeycomb Woofers1
N/AHiFi 3″ Copper Aluminum Midrange1
N/AMBQuart Old Stock Buy-Out Tweeters1

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