DML Speakers MK2

DML Speakers MK2

geoff hooker

Project Category:
Freestyle Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
1-8 Hours

Project Cost:
Under $100

Project Description:

Design Goals:
these are an improved version over my previous speakers using a carbon fiber plate behind the driver to improve frequency response and sound quality without the need for equalization.

Driver Selection:
These use the Dayton audio DAEX25FHE-4 transducers

Enclosure Design:
The drivers are superglued onto 100x100x 2mm thick carbon fiber squares which you can get from ebay or aliexpress and attached onto 5mm thick 20×30 inch foamboard sheets using 3m plastic screws and nuts do not glue the carbon fiber to the board. I used plastic washers made from toy boardgame discs to stop the foamboard from crushing.

Enclosure Assembly:
The panels need stands to hand them on- I used string glued on the back of the panel hung on hooks

Crossover Design:
I found carbon fiber excellent since it is very light and does not flex lthis is needed for dispersing the sound over the panel.

Tips & Tricks:
you can cut carbon fiber with a hacksaw if you cant get the right size boards.

These sound excellent and are a big improvement over my previous design and can be made easily for low cost.

About the Designer:
I have been experimenting with DML speakers for months. I am a keen audio DIYER.

Project Parts List:

Dayton Audio DAEX25FHE-4 Framed High Efficiency 25mm Exciter 24W 4 Ohm


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  1. 1
    Quad Kno bs

    Very interesting project! Have you experimented with different location of exciters on panels? Carbon fiber is nice touch, so strong and light and cheaper now. I want to try something like this with cool patterns or art work on front.

  2. 2
    geoff hooker

    Hi I have experimented with different positions of the driver and found that the best sound is to fix them just slightly off center about 30-40mm . I have tried different materials to mount the drivers on and carbon fiber works best. I hope you will try these.

  3. 3

    Thanks for sharing your project! I have a couple of Dayton DAEX32U-4 Ultras (32mm/40w/4 Ohm) lying around and I might try this. Are you able to share some more details about the type of foam board you used? And just confirming – you didn’t sand/treat/alter the foam board in any way? Thanks!

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