DML speakers with equalization

DML speakers with equalization

geoff hooker

Project Category:
Freestyle Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
1-8 Hours

Project Cost:
Under $100

Project Description:
full range DML speakers with equalization

Design Goals:
the goal I wanted is to design these speakers to have a balanced sound without excessive treble and poor bass and to sound good on most types of music. I have been experimenting with dml speakers for many months and have come up with these.

Driver Selection:
The drivers I used are the Dayton audio DAEX25FHE 4 OHM 24w types. I would highly recommend them for this project. I have tried other types and think these are the best sounding.

Enclosure Design:
You will need 2 sheets of 5mm thick 20×30 inch foamboard and 2x100mmx3mm thick MDF discs which you can buy at art supply shops. They need to be drilled first for the 4 nylon mounting bolt holes and after marking the position of the driver drill 5mm holes around the disc-I found this improved the treble. Prime the center with PVA glue to improve adhesion of the driver then stick on after drying. Mount these to the panels slightly off center with the bolts and nuts but DO NOT glue them on. It is very important that the discs fully contact the panel and have a smooth surface.

Enclosure Assembly:
A pair of simple stands will need to be made to hang them on. I used some string glued on the back and hooks.

Crossover Design:
The equalization crossover is a simple R C L network in series with the driver. The values are R=12ohm C=2.2uF L=3mH.See picture.

Tips & Tricks:
The 12ohm resistors can be changed to 6ohm to lessen the EQ curve depending on your preference and room acoustics.

I listen to these most nights and am very happy with the sound. I think these sound way better than budget box speakers. I mainly listen to jazz and easy listening.

About the Designer:
I am a keen audio diyer and am always experimenting and making amps, preamps etc

Project Parts List:

Dayton Audio DAEX25FHE-4 Framed High Efficiency 25mm Exciter 24W 4 Ohm


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  1. 3
    geoff hooker

    Project Update- I have added 500uF bipolar capacitors from the output of the crossovers to the drivers to stop low frequencies below 50hz overloading the drivers. I used 2 1000uF caps connected back to back in series with each of the drivers and found this improved the sound.

  2. 5

    I’m confused as to the way the mdf disks are attached and the way the exciters are attached. I thought that the only mounting of the exciters was the stick-on pads. If you could provide further explanation or drawings that would be appreciated.

  3. 6
    geoff hooker

    The drivers are attached to the mdf discs using the drivers stick on pads and then attach the disc with the driver on it to the foamboard with the 4 screws and nuts – don’t use glue. thanks.

  4. 7
    Chris Klomp

    Why not for the disc to the panel?
    I’m looking for an outdoor application with the HDN-8 and will certainly need a disc to connect the exciter with the foam board.

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