Dr. Decibels Portable Super Sound System

Designer: Dr. Decibel

Project Time: 20+ hours
Project Complexity: Hobbyist
Project Cost: $100-$500

Completely portable these are ideal for camping, fishing, desert, beach or wherever power is unavailable. They come in 8″, 10″, or 12″ and axial or component speakers. Axial Beats incorporates cheaper coaxial spkrs, amplifier, and battery. Component Beats offers Tweeters, Midranges, Sub, and x-overs for brilliant, clear sound and larger battery and bigger amplifier. All models come with dual cigarette lighter sockets for keeping your and your buddies phone constantly charged. Can be charged with any 12 volt car battery charger from cigarette lighter socket. My brother and I took this 10″ Component model to Big Bear and it lasted 2 days. We even watched movies on it. From 150-250 watts rms, get yours and become the party king.

Driver Selection
1″ Silk Dome Tweeters, 4″-6.5″ Midranges, subwoofer

Enclosure Design
Ported enclosure for tuned-bass

Amplifier/Crossover Configuration
4 channel amp. 2 channels for left and right and 2 bridged to subwoofer. 80uF capacitors on midranges for 500Hz and 0.15mH coils for 4, 244 Hz, Tweeters 10uF for 3,875Hz – 20,000Hz. Amplifier low-pass has adjustable x-over at 80Hz.

Enclosure Assembly
Utilizing batans and liquid nails or equivalent for nice, screw-less seams. First assemble, screw, and glue top, bottom, and sides. Carpet this starting with bottom middle for a virtually unseen seam. Build ports, cut all holes in face, and then back goes in last.

Very loud, clean, sound that will jump start your party.

About The Designer
In High School I made the Who’s Who Among American High School Students for Electronics. Later I became DC-1A Theory certified in Electronics while working as an Electrician on Navy Ships. I have read car audio books, speaker building and design books and know the math formulas for determining capacitor and coil values for any frequency I choose. I have been in the custom stereo business since 1989 and know how to tune a box from 35-80 Hz for a 12 decibel boost in bass, and sound damping for a few more. My Integra has ten Tweeters, eight Mids, four 6.5 midbasses, two 10″ subs for bass, and three 12’s for subbass. I aim for loud, clean, and bright sound that will get heads turning.

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