Dynavox 2-Way

Dynavox 2-Way

Tom Denton

Project Category:
Bookshelf Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
1-8 Hours

Project Cost:
$100 – $500

Project Description:
2-Way bookshelf speakers

Design Goals:
Make a set of bookshelf speakers for under $300.00 that had a great low bass sound.

Driver Selection:
Dynavox LW6004PMR-N 6-1/2″ Poly Cone Woofer
Dynavox TD2801XL 1-1/8″ Silk Dome Tweeter

Enclosure Design:
I used a standard 2-way box design with inside bracing & laminated foam insulation.

Enclosure Assembly:
3/4″ MDF with 1/4″x1/4″ slot and rabbet for the sides. 1/4″ rabbet for both front and back to snugly fit these into enclosure housings. 2″ x 4″ pvc port tube on rear baffle. Gold plated binding posts.

Crossover Design:
I used X-Sym to design a simple crossover.

Tips & Tricks:
None, just followed many forums and took their advice as it applied to what I was doing.

These ended up having more bass from a such a small 6-1/2″ driver than I could have ever though them having. Already have 2 orders from friends to make more.

About the Designer:
I have been doing many woodworking products for years and wanted to make a decent pair of bookshelf speakers.

Project Parts List:

Dynavox LW6004PMR-N 6-1/2″ Poly Cone Woofer
Dayton Audio 0.30mH 20 AWG Air Core Inductor Crossover Coil
Dayton Audio DMPC-10 10uF 250V Polypropylene Capacitor
Dayton Audio DMPC-12 12uF 250V Polypropylene Capacitor
Mills 2 Ohm 12W Non-Inductive Resistor

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