electronic CBT

electronic CBT

Dean Arno

Category Division:
Open Unlimited

Project Description:
Two way miniDSP bi-amped 8″ woofer / 24 .5″ CBT tweeter array
each has :
3 Sure Electronics AA-AB32155 class D amps for the tweeters
1 Yuan-Jing TDA7293 85 watt Amp board for the woofer

Design Goals:
Use miniDSP’s for CBT tweeter steering (delay and shading) and miniDSP for 2 way crossover.
3 mini DSP’s total.

Driver Selection:
Dayton Audio DS215-8 Designer series 8″ woofer.
Dayton/Audio Artistry 1/2″ tweeters

Enclosure Design:
Closed Box

Enclosure Assembly:
Ash and Walnut hardwood sides, Ash hardwood / Baltic birch plywood laminate rear and speaker baffle

Crossover Design:

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    Kris Lacarrere

    Do you have more info on this as I am planning on building a very large line array using 32-40 BMR elements per channel (already purchased) with many small amps using 1 amp for 4 drivers in parallel (I have become a firm believer in high output designs ie 100db + per watt)-I am planning on driving the line array with 8-10 amps per channel since they sound so good and are so cheap—I am particularly interested in the steering that you have built in—i do all the crossovers digitally in my computer systems; it just sounds miles better if the d/a processing is only done once–i have built pretty much everything as it applies to loudspeakers except for a line array-

    Best results ever obtained so far are definitely with pro drivers using midrange and tweeter horns and small 3116 TI amps (greenboards–these sound better than many multi thousand dollar amplifiers for their particular application and they are incredibly quiet) with each horn having its own amplifiers- 50w/channel for a horn with 106db/watt will drive you out of a room and allow for incredible control

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