Eliasound v2

Eliasound v2



Project Category:
Tower Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
8-20 Hours

Project Cost:
$100 – $500

Project Description:
3-way tower speaker with sealed 10″ woofer and pass through mid-range. Made from schedule 40 10″ PVC pipe and 4″ PVC that houses a 4″ mid-range and passes through to the back of the speaker

Design Goals:
My design goals were to achieve a clean open baffle like sound while retaining strong bass.

Driver Selection:

Enclosure Design:
10″ schedule 40 PVC pipe was used for the speaker cabinet.
4″ PVC pipe was used to house a 4″ mid and used as a pass through.
1×12 solid red oak was used for the base

Enclosure Assembly:
10″ schedule 40 PVC pipe was cut and drilled to fit 4″ PVC pipe that holds it’s own 4″ mid. the 4″ PVC was then sealed around seams to keep air from the woofer from escaping. The red oak base was then attached to the bottom using screws and a window seal as a gasket.

Crossover Design:
Crossover is a premade Dayton audio crossed at 375/3000

Tips & Tricks:
Like I said in my previous build.
Try to come up with a unique design and don’t stop adjusting,tinkering or manipulating until you achieve what you want.

After building my first pair of speakers the Eliasound M1 and hearing how good they sounded I immediately wanted to try and improve them. So the Eliasound v2 was born. Although the v2 looks similar in design to the M1 it’s almost completely different,using a sealed woofer Instead of an open bottom design, this helps keep the bass solid on lower volume listening and not over the top on louder volume listening sessions.
Instead of a 12″ paper woofer a 10″ aluminum woofer was used In a sealed cabinet with polyfil. The same Eminence full range drivers were used because they proved to be extremely capable, the Dayton amt 8 tweeter was switched out for a morrel 1⅛inch soft dome tweeter partly because the amt couldn’t cross low enough and partly because I found it a little fatiguing, with the morrel I was able to use a crossover that was crossed lower and to my ears the morrels seem to have smoother top end
A new Dayton audio crossovers as previously mentioned was used,crossed at 375/3000 this helped keep any unwanted voices coming from the woofer and only coming from only the mids and highs.

About the Designer:
I’ve always liked building things and working with my hands, I also love listening to music in my free time so why not have some fun building some that I can have fun listening to later.

Project Parts List:

Dayton Audio XO3W-375/3K 3-Way Speaker Crossover 375/3,000 Hz
Dayton Audio DA270-8 10″ Aluminum Cone Woofer
Eminence Alpha 4-8 4″ Full-Range Pair 8 Ohm
Morel MDT 22 1-1/8″ Soft Dome Neodymium Tweeter
Dayton Audio BPA-38G HD Binding Post Banana Jack Pair Gold


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  1. 1

    I like this design. Much like another system on here that used 8 inch PVC pipe, you can never be completely sure how it will sound until you try it out. As I said before, I’ve wanted to do a project using PVC pipe, but could never decide on a design since the number of design ideas using this material is truly infinite. Since the walls of 10 inch schedule 40 PVC is around .75” thick, it would make for a ”very” solid enclosure material. I’ve always wanted to try an up/top firing woofer as well, but was always worried about dust. I’m not big on using a dusting instrument so the accumulation of dust in the cone might become an issue. Just with it’s appearance. Then again, it might get me more into house cleaning. Beautiful job, Sir.

    • 2

      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words! I say if you want to build something similar, don’t contemplate just do it, all it takes is the 1st step to get you going. And you are correct the schedule 40 does give a very solid material to build with,there is no flex In the speakers at all. I also find with the front of the speaker being curved,off axis listening is EXCELLENT there are no dead spots in my living room anywhere to be found. Also the bass from just 2 10″ inch woofers is very solid, if you didn’t know better you would swear there was a dedicated subwoofer. I encourage you to take a listen on YouTube and leave a message https://youtu.be/MZiARcbKqKg

      • 3

        Would you kindly tell me more details???
        1> Exact length of 10″ pipe?
        2> Distance from TOP of 10″ pipe to centre of MIDRANGE hole?
        3> Distance from TOP of 10″ pipe to centre of TWEETER hole?
        4> Any tweak to the crossover?

        Thanks and awaiting your kind reply.

  2. 5
    Nyan W H

    Hi, may I humbly have more details of the design??
    1. Is there any tweaking to the Crossover board?
    2. Height of the wooden base?
    3. Height of the 10 inch pipe?
    4. Location/distance from the top of the 10″ pipe to the center of the tweeter hole?
    5. Location/distance from the top of the 10″ pipe to the center of the hole for 4″ pipe?
    6. How can I contact the designer Mr. Andy?

    • 6

      You can reach me at my email 7hevin@gmail.com and I will try to answer your questions as best as I can. One I can answer now is yes,,the crossover has changed. The speaker is now a 2.5 way instead of a 3-way. Also all the drivers have changed. If you like I can get part numbers for all parts.

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