Eliminate Subs

Eliminate Subs


J.C. Wooden Builds

Project Category:
Tower Speakers

Project Level


Project Time:

20+ Hours

Project Cost:


Project Description:

Floor speakers housing a ribbon tweeter, 2 – 8” drivers and a 12” bass radiator.

Design Goals:
My goal was to create a pair of speakers that would eliminate the use of powered subwoofers. And, to create a cabinet design that would do just that.

Driver Selection:

I am a huge fan of Dayton Audio Products. So I went with their 8” designer series drivers and 12” bass radiators.

Enclosure Design

For my cabinet, I decided to build a tower speaker incorporating a “sub chamber”.

Crossover Design:

I had some crossovers sitting around that I decided to use. After all they were perfect for this particular design.

Tips & Tricks:

Take your time! As exciting as it can be, you want your speakers not only to sound amazing, but look amazing.


I have to say they are the best sounding speaker I’ve designed and the bass response is superb.

About the Designer:
I am a carpenter and used my skills to build these. This will be my 3rd pair I’ve built and they are my best pair yet.

Project Parts List:

277-112Beston RT002A Ribbon Tweeter 6 Ohm2
295-430Dayton Audio DS215-8 8″ Designer Series Woofer Speaker4
295-554Dayton Audio DSA315-PR 12″ Designer Series Aluminum Cone Passive Radiator2


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    Very nice job~ I wish that I had your cabinet building skills. I hotrodded a pair of Pioneers with parts from this site, and I still can’t believe how good they sound! I’d love to hear yours; I assume the woofer chamber is enclosed/isolated from the rest of the cabinet? I’m pretty sure that i want to use a ribbon [or some derivative] for the highs on my next build. What do you think of the Beston?

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