Going Once

Designer: Indashipad

Project Time: 1-8 hours
Project Complexity: Hobbyist
Project Cost: $100-$500

I’ve made a “sound box” or two with old receivers and car speakers, but I can say that this is my first home speaker project. I built these for a wedding and I had so much fun building them I have already started planning my next project. If you look at my parts list you can tell I did not beak the bank either. Each speaker has two subwoofers, full-ranges, and tweeters in series. Each speaker has two 8 ohm channels with the use of a 2-way crossover and low pass.

Driver Selection
Tang Band W5-1138SMF 5-1/4″ Paper Cone Subwoofer Speaker Dayton Audio ND91-4 3-1/2″ Aluminum Cone Full-Range Driver 4 Ohm Vifa NE19VTS-04 3/4″ Silk Dome Tweeter

Enclosure Design
3/4″ prefinished maple plywood

Amplifier/Crossover Configuration
Dayton Audio XO2W-2K 2-Way Speaker Crossover 2,000 Hz 100 Hz Low Pass 8 Ohm Crossover Dayton Audio DTA-100a Class-T Digital Mini Amplifier 50 WPC

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