Hammertone OBP

Hammertone OBP



Project Category:
Freestyle Speakers

Project Level


Project Time:

1-8 Hours

Project Cost:

Under $100

Project Description:

Compact open baffle panel design.

Design Goals:
Fun project with goal of minimal cost & maximum performance.

Driver Selection:

– Surplus flat screen TV drivers sourced from PE
– Dayton Audio 4” aluminum cone drivers

Enclosure Design

18” diameter open baffle panel design

Crossover Design:

None (full range design) – Four 16 ohm drivers per speaker connected in parallel for a resultant 4 ohm load.

Tips & Tricks:

GE silicone caulk used in construction for resonance control.


Have a seat, your ears will defy appearance – These display a huge, detailed, spacious and full sound staged presentation along with deep, tuneful bass – Good quality drivers & amp are the key here.

About the Designer:
Retired electronics engineer with a longtime passion for audio gear, both very expensive and very cheap 😉

Project Parts List:

289-2128YDT0420-4BP 1-1/2″ x 7″ Paper Cone Full-Range Speaker 16 Ohm8
290-212Dayton Audio ND105-4 4″ Aluminum Cone Midbass Neo Driver 4 Ohm2
N/AWuzhi Audio ZK-TB21 two-channel TDA 3116 amp w/sub output1


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    I’ll chime in with Dave, an audition would scratch my itch as to how the 1.5×7’s perform.
    I’d given one of the PE folks a mild *tsk* for not having one to display @ the ’23 speaker competition.
    They look like an item for a line array that could make ‘a minimalist speaker design’ look overweight…*L*
    ….but just jesting.

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