home and vacation condo speakers

home and vacation condo speakers

mount brice

Project Category:
Tower Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
20+ Hours

Project Cost:
$500 – $1,000

Project Description:
!1Build a large main speaker for living room , #2 small tower speakers for vacation home. #3 surround speakers

Design Goals:
Use best speakers available from Parts Express. Add electronic updates as needed to make as good as I can.

Driver Selection:
15 inch woofer part # 290-184 with mid range #287-020 , tweeter #277-060 #2 speaker has woofer 295-305 plus woofer #296-410 , tweeter #275-076

Enclosure Design:
3/4 inch ask plywood enclosure size 37 in Hight x18w x17 d #2 make use of the cabinet of speaker B652 #300-652 with all parts inside taken out to giving you a cabinet you will not need to build.

Enclosure Assembly:
#1 used a cabinet shop to build using a center brace and a screw in back panel. volume controls for mid range and tweeter were put in rear of cabinet #2 needed a little filing and cutting to open speaker opening to fit parts

Crossover Design:
#1 used a 3 way cross over part #260-230 with 8 uf capacitor across woofer terminals and with volume controls for med-range and tweeter. A zobel circuit also used on woofer with 22uf capacitor and 8 ohm resister #2 used 260-140 set at 4ohm woofers tied together.zobel used 47uf 8 ohm/8uf/8ohm datonand aurum woofers

Tips & Tricks:
had foam insulation inside speaker 1 and works batting in speaker #2

very happy with speaker #1s full great bass and clarity of speakers number 2

About the Designer:
Retired from work with an electric utility for 33 years working with electric meters. Once I retired I started building and rebuiling speakers.

Project Parts List:

Replacement Woofer for 15″ Realistic Mach One 8 Ohm
Morel MDM 55 2-1/8″ Soft Dome Midrange
Morel MDT 12 1-1/8″ Neodymium Tweeter
Dayton Audio DC160-8 6-1/2″ Classic Woofer
Aurum Cantus AC-165 6-1/2″ Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Woofer
Dayton Audio DC28FT-8 1-1/8″ Silk Dome Truncated Tweeter
Dayton Audio B652 6-1/2″ 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker Pair
Speaker Crossover 3-Way 8 Ohm 800/4,500 Hz 200W
Dayton Audio XO2W-2K 2-Way Speaker Crossover 2,000 Hz

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