Internal LED speakers

Designer: JLar

Project Time: 1-8 hours
Project Complexity: Hobbyist
Project Cost: $100-$500

Driver Selection
I chose to use the 7″ 8 ohm Seas Prestige Loki MKII coaxial speaker (80w rms 250 long term). It has a unique design where a silk dome tweeter is located in the center of the woofer. Powering two of these is Denon receiver.

Enclosure Design
Black ash finish, 2″ port, 3/4 thick mdf (1″ front)

Enclosure Assembly
I cut small wood blocks and mounted them on the inside of the enclosure in three places around the woofer cut out. Using LEDs and a sound synchronized driver board, the lights are audio synchronized, each color playing a different range of sound frequency. Then routing the the rainbow chord, coming from the light board to the driver board, out through the terminal and into a protective box on the back of the enclosure

these speakers produce incredibly clear sound and the lights are awesome. I couldn’t be more happy with how these speakers turned out!

Project Parts List

Black Ash Vinyl Laminate 2 ft. x 18 ft


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    These are awesome! I have been curious how that woofer actually sounds. Was the crossover easy?

    Any links to info on the “sound synchronized”?

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      Hi Zach,
      The woofers sound amazing and I purchased the crossover in a package from Madisound so it was pretty straight forward. As far as “sound synchronized”, not sure what I was thinking when I created this almost 6 years ago – must have been in a rush. Each speaker has a Sure Electronics LED board inside connected to three separate RGB LEDs and the driver board which was mounted on the back in separate boxes. The driver board is programmable and if I remember correctly, is set to power the LEDs in approximately these ranges: 20-1999Hz: blue LED, 2000-9999Hz: green LED, 10000-20000Hz: red LED. The sensitivity of the input can also be adjusted through my AVR to be brighter or dimmer at different volume levels. I did not build the boards themselves, I purchased them from Sure Electronics.

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