Life War Demon Hunter box

Life War Demon Hunter box

clif friese

Project Category:
Bookshelf Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
8-20 Hours

Project Cost:
$100 – $500

Project Description:
After a month of researching and watching speaker builds, I decided to try one. I liked styles with angled sides and front baffles. I was not sure I could even cut a straight line, I am a mechanic by trade, with maybe an hour of wood working skills. I saw kits with premade boxes, but did not care for the speakers much. So I decided to pick out speakers and build my own box. used a plate amp with Bluetooth and aux input for using with my phone and computer.

Design Goals:
goals were to build a speaker to put out by my grill, just to chill to while cooking diner, or relaxing by the bonfire with friends and family.

Driver Selection:
292-554 , 295-563, 290-209

Enclosure Design:
PR radiator was used in bookshelf speaker. Used a plate amp 310-4000, so when I build second speaker it can be used by amp for stereo sound.

Crossover Design:
Dayton Audio XO2W-3K 2-Way Crossover 3,000 Hz was used for crossover, I wanted to try soldering a crossover as I learn more in a future project.

speaker sounds better than expected. Friends are surprised of the clean sound from a small speaker.

About the Designer:
I wanted to make a speaker for relaxing by the grill or bonfire, I wanted it to be abstract and different, my wife used a pour paint style to paint speaker box. I wanted it to be edgy and represent a metal genre for music. A favorite band of mine is Demon Hunter, so I used there logo and my router and engraved it in each side

Project Parts List:

Visaton DT94-4 0.8″ Polycarbonate Dome Tweeter 4 Ohm
Dayton Audio RS150P-4A 6″ Reference Paper Woofer 4 Ohm
Dayton Audio ND90-PR 3-1/2″ Aluminum Cone Passive Radiator
Acousta-Stuf Polyfill Speaker Cabinet Sound Damping Material 1 lb. Bag
Dayton Audio XO2W-3K 2-Way Speaker Crossover 3,000 Hz
Peavey Small Rubber Feet Set of 4
Lepai LP40PA 40W Mini Plate Amplifier Bluetooth Aux 3.5mm Input and Control Panel

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    Moiz Horani

    Looks great! I like how you you engraved it and then put a wild paint finish on it. The name demon hunter really fits the bill on this one. Can you please elaborate on how you did the paint job? The first thing I though when I saw it was a spray paint water dip but I’m really not sure. Also, did you run calculations on the passive radiator? Having one 3.5 inch radiator seems a bit small since you need twice the displacement but I’m assuming that that little passive radiator with 18mm excursion capability is a beast enough to handle all that. I’m thinking of making a similar setup myself but in a tower. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Great job!

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