Project Category:
Bookshelf Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
8-20 Hours

Project Cost:
$500 – $1,000

Project Description:
Prototype loudspeaker, for future sale through internet

Design Goals:
Speaker with both aesthetic and acoustic presence.

Practically without resonances due to an extremely elaborate cabinet.

The walls have three layers of solid material, and three types of internal damping.

Driver Selection:
Part # 300-641

Enclosure Design:

Enclosure Assembly:
cabinet in double 9mm mdf, plus oak veneer.

7 coats of lacquer applied by hand, sealing of all internal surfaces, and treatment against moisture.

two inerter reinforcement rings, with all rounded edges to avoid turbulence.

As well as the front of the speaker, rounded.

This created a challenge for natural wood veneer

Crossover Design:
the provided, eliminating the circuit, welding point to point, in silver.

A loudspeaker was achieved, very solid, and due to the careful design of the components, the sound in without fear of appearing exaggerated; almost perfect.

Solid bass sounds, without dominating the whole, a medium range, absolutely natural.

The range of treble, due to the rounded front, are very natural and without diffraction.

The only problem, could be its weight, almost 14 kgm each, but it helps enormously to a clean sound.

About the Designer:
With a sporadic experience in loudspeaker design and construction, over 30 years, and because I did not find a distributor in Mexico, let alone a speaker manufacturer, I had been frustrated.

Now with Parts Express, I think I will dedicate myself to making this and other models.

Project Parts List:

BR-1 Kit Components
Parts Express Speaker Cabinet Port Tube 1-3/8″ ID Adjustable
Dayton Audio BPFI-G Fully Insulated Binding Post Pair Gold
Dayton Audio SBPP-BK Binding Post Plate Black Anodized

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