MKBoom “makin’ it mine”

MKBoom “makin’ it mine”


MI Custo-Mizer

Project Category:

Portable Speakers

Project Level:


Project Time:

1-8 Hours

Project Cost:


Project Description:

MK Boom portable Bluetooth speaker kit

Design Goals:

My goal with the MK Boom portable speaker build is to achieve practicality in a Bluetooth speaker from a reputable company with a 10+ year lifespan with the ability to have access to replaceable parts and add on in the future. Function and continuity is my critical objective.

Driver Selection:

MKBoom Speaker Kit.

Enclosure Design:

Stock Kit Specs

Crossover Design:

MKBoom kit

Tips & Tricks:

Some tips that could help are obviously add a second battery board for more play time. Consider also protecting your investment with speaker grills and a volume knob guard on the back. (fabrication skills nessesary for these add ons)

Speaker feet are also something I would recommend. (I made my own with hard plastic tube and counter sunk the screws)

Take some time on the project to think about the what “ifs”. Then build a plan. “What if I like it standing on its side, but dont want to scratch the finish?” “What if I want to connect it to a mini sub for my next build- coud the board accomidate a line output?” (The answer is yes).

Also consider the sound. Which music does it sound best with and how can I change the tone? (There are free eq aps for phones that might help ya with that.)

If anyone is curious, the handle is for a kayiak and grills are from amazon. make sure you offset the handle for balance ;). and use rubber grommets as spacers under your grills so the speker doesn’t rub on the inside of the grill.

The paint used for the finish is “color shift”. It requires a black base coat.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the build and can’t wait to start tinkering on my next build from parts express.


The Mk Boom speaker kit was a fun and memorable build. After I researched the topic to see if there were walkthrough videos for the board assembly and there were, I was confident to face the challenge.
The build wasn’t without hitch but it came out better than I expected (the finish part). The function of the speaker is great. It sounds good and can be heard about 50 ft. away. The Bluetooth connects perfectly. It outperforms the old jbl charge 3 it replaced. Especially so with the addition of a second battery pack. (parts listed) I have played the mk boom 1/2 to 3/4 volume for 14 hours and it did not run out of juice.

About the Designer:

Son of an electrician, and an all around handy man by trade.

Project Parts List:

300-7166Dayton Audio MKBoom Portable Bluetooth Speaker Kit1
325-113Dayton Audio KAB-BE 18650 Battery Extension Board for Bluetooth Amplifier Boards1
320-3290 PC Board M3 Standoff Kit with 8 pcs 16mm and 8 pcs 10mm Stud / 4 pcs 10mm / 8 pcs Phillips Screws1
142-103Lishen 18650 2600mAh Li-Ion Flat Top Battery 3-Pack2

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