MKBoom Shiny White

MKBoom Shiny White



Project Category:
Portable Speakers

Project Level


Project Time:

8-20 Hours

Project Cost:


Project Description:

The Dayton Audio MKBoom Portable Bluetooth Speaker Kit offers an excellent starting point for constructing a high-quality bluetooth speaker.

I finished the appearance by applying coats of glossy white reflective paint, resulting in a polished & shiny look.

For the speaker grills, I utilized 3D printing and secured them with discreet magnets, ensuring both effective speaker safeguarding and easy detachment. I intend to create more custom 3D-printed grills in the future.

Speaker feet & handle parts are also 3d printed.

Design Goals:
I wanted a portable quality portable Bluetooth speaker which has replaceable battery.

Driver Selection:

Dayton Audio MKBoom Portable Bluetooth Speaker Kit

Enclosure Design


Crossover Design:

MKBoom Speaker Kit

Tips & Tricks:



I had fun building this, but ended up taking more time than anticipated. I am happy with final build. I want to add additional batteries later.

About the Designer:
First time speaker build.

Project Parts List:

300-7166Dayton Audio MKBoom Portable Bluetooth Speaker Kit1

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