OmniDirection Bluetooth Speaker

OmniDirection Bluetooth Speaker


Tom James

Project Category:

Portable Speakers

Project Level:


Project Time:

1-8 Hours

Project Cost:

Under $100

Project Description:

Bluetooth OmniDirectional Speaker

Design Goals:

Provide music for people 360deg in patio area

Driver Selection:

4″ Vifa coax purchased several years ago from PE. A13CG-21-04

Enclosure Design:

PVC electrical box for bottom. PVC plumbing junction for top. Plus CNC cut baffles, lid, and mid plate.

Crossover Design:

6dB filter on tweeter utilizing factory Vifa capacitor

Tips & Tricks:

I used the Ryobi battery for power. Sockets for this brand and others are available on Ebay…and maybe here soon after showing this project to Jeff Stahl at NAMM.


Not a block rocker but more than enough music level for providing some fun on the patio. 3D printed reflectors work well and of course there is more bass when reinforced by the ground rather than sitting high on a pedestal.

About the Designer:

I have worked as a transducer and system designer since 1986…and for hobby as you see here with this project which was a gift for my sister.

Project Parts List:

Part #DescriptionQty.
N/A4″ Vifa coax1
325-500Dayton Audio KAB-215v2 2 x 15W Class D Audio Amplifier Board with Bluetooth 5.01
260-75174-Pack Rubber Cabinet Feet 1-1/2″ dia x 3/4″ H1
081-435Parts Express #6 x 3/4″ Deep Thread Pan Head Screws Black 100 Pcs.1


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