Overnight Sensations

Designer: Woody640

Project Time: 8-20 hours
Project Complexity: Novice
Project Cost: $100-$500

Enclosure Assembly
The enclosure required most of the work. Started with a high quality MDF (no formaldehyde) 3/4 in thick. Used contact cement with wood backer cherry venner 1/42in thick. Used a 1/8th inch roundover bit to finish all 90 deg angles. Glued all joints with extensive clamping to ensure tight fit. Poly fill for dampening material Recessed all drivers, aluminum binding posts, and port. Hand rubbed on custom stain and finished with HVLP sprayer water based top coat

For my first parts express speaker build I am very happy with the aesthetics and sound quality of these speakers. With the 50wpc Dayton audio amp it is a terrific sound for near field listening and can even suffice for a bedroom stereo experience for listening that doesn’t require very low extension. All in all an excellent kit to get your chops on wood working.

About The Designer
Work as a physician researcher, avid runner, outdoorsman, and enjoy a good woodworking project.


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    Jim Sagert

    I bought this speaker kit (overnight sensations) from PE years ago. I finally am motivated to actually build them…but I can’t find the instructions for the build. I’m pretty sure that the instructions were posted on PE’s website back then. I can’t seem to find them online…please help me find the actual build instructions. Thanks in advance….jim

  2. 2
    Dennis MCCORMICK

    I’m in the same situation. Got it 2 years ago and now I’m ready to build. I found the instructions by going to the Parts Express home page and searching for Overnight Sensations MT Speaker Kit Pair. The instruction manual is a pdf file on the speaker kit page.

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