Patio Build

Patio Build


David Secord

Project Category:


Project Level:


Project Time:

1-8 Hours

Project Cost:

Under $100

Project Description:

Outdoor-capable amp and speakers

Design Goals:

Replace current situation (bringing Bluetooth amp onto the patio to augment sound from the television) to a permanent install.

Driver Selection:

TIC 5″ all-weather speakers which come with fifty feet of direct burial cable.

Enclosure Design:

Continuous exposure to the elements as supplied.

Crossover Design:

Internal to speaker and not accessible to user.

Tips & Tricks:

The enclosure comes with attachable flanges to mount to the wall. I decided upon a cleaner look by using the enclosure marks, drilling them to take screws, drilled the poly board to allow access to the mounting screws and placed with drywall anchors.


This allows me to enjoy my patio area with the television sound augmented by a permanent installation of speakers. As I installed this in the laundry room on the other side of the patio, I decided not to hard-wire the speakers to the enclosure, but use gold-plated push connectors.

About the Designer:

I’ve done a subwoofer, two sets of speakers, several Bluetooth amp builds from Parts Express. Currently a surgeon but used to be an Electrical Engineer.

Project Parts List:

Part #DescriptionQty.
310-3050 Lepai LWP-250 2 x 50W Outdoor/Marine Bluetooth 5.0 Mini Amplifier with Mounting Flanges1
N/A TIC outdoor 5″ speaker1

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