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Project Category:
Portable Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:

20+ Hours

Project Cost:



Project Description:

Competition Free Style DJ blue tooth boom boxfeatures : Rockville 12″ Flat Subwoofer, earth quake 12 inch Passive, 2x pyle pro bullet tweeters, 2x 5 inch midranges, ported KLH mid-woofers with 3 modes of operation, guitar amp, crossed over and band pass – selection switches. 36-volt 220 x 2 + 350 watt mini BT amp, 80,000 Mah battery, 32v .8F power stiffing caps, carry strap.marble front and back with custom raised name plate and both holographic and fluorescent flames, chrome corners and carry handle, custom bar grills.A battery voltage gauge & power usage gauge.maximum dimensions in. 25W x 20H x 10D, 42 LBS

Design Goals:
I had a lot of left over parts from my first project boombox – the Sonic Boom, so this boom box was designed to use a lot of those unused parts

Driver Selection:

Rockville 12″ Flat Subwoofer, earth quake 12 inch Passive, 2x pyle pro bullet tweeters, 2x 5 inch midranges, 2x ported KLH mid-woofers

Enclosure Design:

This time I decided to go with ½ plywood for the box and 1/8 inch press board for the mid woofer boxs to increase volume and save weight.
their is also a battery box made from the pressboard.
for this boombox the controls are not in their own blocked off section.
after all deductions i have a total volume of 1.0324 ft3 which will work with this woofer and passive combination.

Crossover Design:

The sub has a selection switch to choose between using the electronic crossover built into the radio or running through infinity coils for a 12db 250 hz crossover point.
for the main crossovers I went with a pair of Sprague musical instrument 3 ways, the mid-woofers were the pain, they have a switchable direct feed, coils and the coils with caps in combo for the band pass.
so the band pass caps are run off the woofer output of the crossovers.
the purpose of the mid-woofers selection switches is so they can be run dirty like a guitar amp, crossed over like a HIFI system and in bandpass for competition, rave, trap n base, etc.

Tips & Tricks:

Vinyl looks great but will have adhesion issues when used in large sheets even with a pre-adhesive surface prep of contact spray.
most reflective or holographic vinyl’s will be more stiff and be rigid like a Metalic base. the marble vinyl’s seem to be made of a plastic. while the flat black I got is a little bit stretchy like a real vinyl and was also the easiest to work with and the most forgiving.


When it comes to enclosures, if I was able to use plastic, I could save about 12 pounds.

About the Designer:
Previously I was a DJ and worked for tech hifi back in the late 80’s, I built sound off comp. cars before their was such a thing.
now days I run a reptile rescue.

Project Parts List:

100-132RCA AH100R 24 AWG Speaker Wire100 ft.
 280-100Goldwood GM-65/ Sealed Back 5-1/4″ Midrange 4 Ohm4
272-115Pyle PDBT28 Titanium Tweeter2

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