GKT Designs Co.

Project Category:
Portable Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
8-20 Hours

Project Cost:
$100 – $500

Project Description:
This project is roughly 24×5.75×5.75″. 2-4″ Dayton drivers, 2-1/2″ tweeters , 2-1″ ports, crossed at 3500.

Design Goals:
Like many others I wanted to see how much I could squeeze out of the boombox shape. I wanted good looks, great sound reproduction, and the flexibility to use it for everything. Portable, TV, Alexa, home stereo… One unit.

Driver Selection:
295-424 Dayton Audio DS115-8 4″ Designer Series Woofer

Enclosure Design:
The enclosure design is simple but, I wanted to keep things refined. A lot of portable/boombox projects I see tend to cut corners when it comes to the finishing and the the back. The box is made from poplar and using simple butt joints. The PE recommended internal vol is .09. I am real close to that once you factor in the displacement from the drivers and batteries.

Enclosure Assembly:
The box is made from poplar and using simple butt joints. glue, and screws on the rear panel. I used a simple black rubble handle from PE as well as 1″ rubber feet which I feel it the right look for this one.

Crossover Design:
Nothing special here. Pre made off of Amazon… 3500 cross point.

Tips & Tricks:
Slow down. Pre assemble everything you can. Then go back and do the finishing work. I hate making dings and dents on the final finish!

This one turned out nice. I did have room for all my electronics for once! I now have my template to base all future builds off of.

About the Designer:
Lighting contractor by day. Maker of cool things via nights and weekends. Dallas, TX.

Project Parts List:

Dayton Audio DS115-8 4″ Designer Series Woofer Speaker
Goldwood GT-302 1/2″ Mylar Dome Tweeter
Dayton Audio KAB-250A 2x50W Class D Audio Amplifier Board with Bluetooth 4.0
Dayton Audio KAB-LED Red/Green/Blue LED Package for Bluetooth Amplifier Boards
Dayton Audio KAB-BE 18650 Battery Extension Board for Bluetooth Amplifier Boards
Dayton Audio KAB-AB L-type Aluminum Bracket for Bluetooth Amplifier Boards
Dayton Audio KAB-FC Function Cables Package for Bluetooth Amplifier Boards
SPST Square Push Button Switch Click On/Click Off
18650 2600mAh Li-Ion Flat Top Battery 3-Pack


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    • 2
      Grant Treanor

      No sorry. I don’t youtube or anything. It’s novice level carpentry. Novice level audio design. But, when you do both of those things right and exercise good design you get better than novice results. I Think you can tell from the pictures how you get there more or less.

  1. 3

    how are you charging the batteries with those boards i have two of them as well just haven’t done the build are you just giving same power to both boards? and to power up amp how you have them wired 24 volts?

    • 4
      Grant Treanor

      they are plug and play with the KAB parts. There is no special wiring here. The battery packs are just daisy chained together. Works well. I can report that I have used this portable on battery and bluetooth at 75% vol for over 8 hours. The system works good.

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