Red Stereo Build

Red Stereo Build


Project Category:
Freestyle Speakers

Project Level:

Project Time:
8-20 Hours

Project Cost:
Under $100

Project Description:
Stereo build from ground up.

Design Goals:
Christmas present I built for my 10 year old nephew. Wanted to give him the stereo I would have loved at that age.

Driver Selection:
HiVi B3N 3″ Aluminum Driver Round Frame
Part # 297-428

Enclosure Design:
Home built from Maple.

Enclosure Assembly:
I’m quite proud of the finish on this. First I brushed a layer of yellow watercolour paint on it, then I put a clear coat on the bare maple, then sprayed it with an aerosol “candy red” I found at a hardware store. This way I could see the wood grain through the paint, but still gave it the flashy look every kid wants. I was hoping to achieve a bit more orange, but the red went over really well too.

There was lots of little things I tried, including hiding the LEDs on the rear side of the front face by very nearly drilling through the face from the rear, then just getting a glow from the LEDs. This worked fairly well. A few things I’d have done different would have been a lighter enclosure, and maybe gone a bit bigger and done vented enclosures as well. Overall I was very pleased and so was my nephew!

About the Designer:
Home builder, just for fun.

Project Parts List:

HiVi B3N 3″ Aluminum Driver Round Frame
Dayton Audio KAB-215 2x15W Class D Audio Amplifier Board with Bluetooth 2.1
Dayton Audio KAB-FC Function Cables Package for Bluetooth Amplifier Boards
Dayton Audio KAB-LED Red/Green/Blue LED Package for Bluetooth Amplifier Boards
Parts Express 3.5mm Mono Chassis Jack
Penn-Elcom F1694 Rubber Cabinet Foot 0.69″ Dia. x 0.39″ H
12 VDC 20A Toggle Switch with Red LED and Cover
Penn-Elcom H1014K Extra Wide Strap Handle Black End Caps

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