Signature 6

Signature 6


Brian Boro

Project Category:

Bookshelf Speakers

Project Level:


Project Time:

8-20 Hours

Project Cost:


Project Description:

6.5” bookshelf with a translam cabinet. I wanted these to be able be crossed to a sub at 50 Hz.

Design Goals:

I wanted to make a speaker that looked good with each of the new Signature drivers. This project used the Sig180.

Driver Selection:

Dayton Audio Sig 180 Woofers and Dayton Audio RST28F Tweeters

Enclosure Design:

It’s about .7 cuft to achieve a usable internal volume around.62 cuft after bracing port and crossover. Ported design with a 2.5” port that is 9.5” long. Yielding an Fb = 45Hz

Crossover Design:

Final crossover was 2nd order electrical on both the HP an LP. Both attaining higher than 4th order acoustic slopes. The woofer has a baffle step circuit and the tweeter is attenuated with a resistor just befor the driver. No l-pad

Tips & Tricks:



My normal spl graph design goal had my ears saying there was too much bass. After voicing it to my ears liking I ended up with a nearly horizontal graph

About the Designer:

I’m a paint and coatings system installer that likes to make speakers. I always have a project specific goal but my overlying motive is always to have fun.

Project Parts List:

Part #DescriptionQty.
295-654Dayton Audio SIG180-4 6.5” Signature Series Woofer 80W Driver 4 Ohm2
275-141Dayton Audio RST28F-4 1-1/8″ Reference Series Fabric Dome Tweeter 4 Ohm2

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