Solid wood 2 way design

Solid wood 2 way design


Thad Bernard

Project Category:

Bookshelf Speakers

Project Level:


Project Time:

8-20 Hours

Project Cost:


Project Description:

Solid Mahogany (not Plywood) 2 way Speakers

Design Goals:

Make an attractive set of speaker for the mains for my home theater/ Music room

Driver Selection:

Dayton Audio DS215-8 8″ Designer Series Woofer Speaker

Enclosure Design:

Solid 2 way

Crossover Design:

Dayton Audio XO2W-2K 2-Way Speaker Crossover 2,000 Hz

Tips & Tricks:



The speakers came out better than hoped. The Dayton Designer woofers sound amazing and it pairs well with the Peerless DA25TX00-08 1″ Corundum Dome Tweeter. I wanted a closed design with No Port for the tight and true bass response which they have. I planned on a ribbon tweeter but then saw the specs on teh peerless and had to try it. Glad I did. Great combo.

About the Designer:

Former woodworker now just doing projects for fun.

Project Parts List:

Part #DescriptionQty.
264-1676Peerless DA25TX00-08 1″ Corundum Dome Tweeter2
295-430Dayton Audio DS215-8 8″ Designer Series Woofer Speaker2

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